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Five Man

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Appy Trails  THE Backpacking tent


Backpacking Tent 1 lb. 11 oz. 6’ tall 5 man (Yes!) 


That’s right!  These are serious tents at as light a weight as we could make them.  Solid 185T polyester!  PU1000 coated.


Backpacking Tents.  Light!  And yet great for short trips, too. 

Product Description

* Single-wall design boasts low weight, while its single center pole architecture creates a stable and tight structure

* As a backpacking style tent, full vestibule space is built in.

* The fabric is ideal for single-wall tents, not water repellent but water proof coated polyester, 185T.            

* Only one tent pole, light and compact, and also lessening the need to carry weight by having the options of mounting using cord or a pole found at site or a hiking pole with extender (furnished).  A small rear support is also furnished, but a stick can be found on site.

* Tensioned fabric makes the tent quiet in heavy winds

* Doors use hook and loop, lessening weight and allowing outside viewing and quick exit.

* Doors can stay open in the rain without saturating the tent.

* Stuffsack slightly oversized for ease of stuffing. Compression instructions included.

* Comes with stakes, stake bag, guylines, stuff sack, instruction/care card/information sheet

* All seams factory sealed

* Average minimum weight specification is based on tent only

Sleeping capacity: 5 (see chart)
Average minimum weight: 1 lbs. 11 oz.
Weight with stuffsack: 1 lbs. 11.7 oz.
Weight of stakes and stuffsack: 3.2 oz.
Weight of poles: 10.7 oz.
Floor dimensions: 137 x 112 inches

Floor area: 70 + square feet
Height: 6 feet
Vestibule area: included

Floor fabric: none; requires groundcloth

Pole material: Aluminum

Pole: Four section pole, plus rear tensioning rod.

Packed size: 4.75 x 9 inches

Fire resistant to CAPI-84 standards

Guarantee – ten day return for any reason.  One year guarantee for manufacturing flaws.  Obviously excludes abuse or fire (sparks) or a tree fall or other acts of God. 

Correct length - 137"


They're Here!


After years of effort these tents have made it to production.  At this time, we ARE IN STOCK!

 We appreciate any input you would like to give us on the features and usability of these tents... drop us a note.  


Pricing ...

Expect $99.95 and $119.95 on the two models.

Subject to change.













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