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Reasons To Choose Tarp Tents For Backpacking

A backpacking tent is the most essential piece and probably the heaviest items you carry on your adventure trip. So, it’s a good place to cut down on the weight and look for smarter options. If you are an ultralight backpacker but dislike carrying a heavy backpack full of necessities, considering a tarp tent is your best bet as a lightweight backpacking tent. Tarp tent is an ultralight and the most adaptable camping essential to keep handy. These are usually the simplest kind that can be set up effortlessly.

Get to know the reasons why you should choose tarp tents for backpacking:

  • It Is Light In Weight: Tarp tent is a tarpaulin, a plastic, or a nylon sheet that replaces the regular tent. These are ultra-lightweight backpacking tents that are most flexible shelters with Vertical Support systems, rope, ground stakes, and ingenuity. So, tarp tents can give you a chance to carry extra food with that weight savings.
  • They are not claustrophobic: Tarp tents are very spacious, unlike the regular tents that are closed on all sides. These versatile tents have got the best space to weight ratio of all the tents available in the market.
  • Excellent ventilation: double-walled tents trap in a lot of moisture and perspiration making tents turn damp and humid. With a tarp tent, you can breathe in the fresh air and there is no question of condensation effect.
  • Tarps Tent is less Expensive: Your camping need not cost a bomb and a tarp tent just fits your budget. It costs you less yet comes in a simpler design and less material.
  • You are minimalist: We go to the woods to be with nature. Sleeping under a tarp tent in the woods, gazing at the stars is what you had dreamt of. 
  • You want versatility in your Camping gear: The regular tents need a fixed area to fit in. Finding a site large enough with the guylines stretched out on all sides is quite challenging. But Tarp tents can be set up to fit the site. In the woods, you can depend tying guylines to trees to set up the shelter, or can use your trekking poles, or if you don’t have poles you can simply depend on found materials like sticks or bamboo shoots. 
  • Tarp tents are comfortable: Sleeping under a tarp is not as uncomfortable as many adventurist’s think. There are several tips and tricks that hikers can employ to minimize the influence of elements and insects. When combined with a fire, a partial wing can provide you with the protection and warmth you need for a brief period. While an A-Frame shelter can provide you protection from sun, rain, wind, and also insulation and warmth.
  • Spacious and easy access: Your tarp tent is spacious and has an entry all around. It is easy to get up in the night for quick look trips and this is a great advantage for chronologically challenged hikers or trekkers.

 Conclusion: A tarp tent is your favorite ultra-lightweight backpacking tent for your next adventure tour. If your main goal is to keep weight to a minimum, tarp tent is an excellent choice as the best backpacking tent. We at Appytrails, have got an array of lightweight backpacking tents for your camping needs. Connect with us to see what we can offer you.