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Mark III

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Mark K-IX Doggy Backpacking Tent


Backpacking Tent for Doggie! 11.7 oz. with floor!

So your dog sleeps with you in your tent…  Unless of course you plan on taking your hammock on this trip.  Or there just isn’t enough room in with you.  Then what?  Here is your solution! For a pound and 4 ounces you have tent, floor, stakes, poles and ropes.  And your friend has a shelter from the wind, cold, rain, sleet or snow.

The entrance is designed to be protected from the elements and to still allow him to enter and exit without you needing to help. Actually the shelter will accommodate a large dog or a couple of medium dogs or goodness knows how many small dogs (depends on how small, doesn’t it)?

Check this out…

Product Description

Single-wall design boasts low weight, while its pole architecture creates a stable and tight structure.

The fabric is ideal for single-wall tents, not water repellent but water proof coated polyester, 185T with 1000 pu coating.

Two tent poles, light and compact, and also lessening the need to carry that weight by having the option of mounting using cord.  Or two sticks can be found on site and fitted under the ropes.

Tensioned fabric makes the tent quiet in heavy winds

Door is covered and protected from the wind.  Also an inside flap is furnished so that it can fall behind the dog.

Door can stay open in the rain without saturating the tent.  

Air vent on back can also stay open.

Comes with tent, tent floor, 8 stakes, stake bag, two poles, guylines, stuff sack, instruction/care card/information sheet

All seams factory sealed


Sleeping capacity: From one to a puppy pile
Average minimum weight: 11.7 oz. for tent and floor.
Weight with stuffsack: 12.1 oz.

Weight of stakes (8) and stuffsack: 3 oz.
Weight of poles: 5 oz.
Floor dimensions: 80 cm by 100 cm

Floor area: 8.6 sq ft
Height: 3.3 feet

Floor is 190D polyester with 4000 pu coating

Pole material: Aluminum

Pole: Three section poles fold to 10.5 inches

Packed size: 2.75 x 10.5 inches with poles and floor

Fire resistant to CAPI-84 standards

Guarantee – ten day return for any reason.  One year guarantee for manufacturing flaws.  Obviously excludes abuse or fire (sparks) or a tree fall or other acts of God.