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Comment – I think you’ve “got it”!! In fact, I’m so convinced that I’d be proud to own (and brag to all my friends about) a Mark III tent.

Appy-trails? Has nothing to do with the famed Appalachian Trail, rather, think, “Appy trails, to you, until we meet again. . . . ” Sung with great happiness and glee, knowing how much you reduced your pack weight.  And ‘Appy Trails, to you!

Comment … “I’ve taken a look at your Mark V and I gotta tell ya , it’s amazing. Let me say that I never thought I could own a tent this size and carry it in my pack!”

Comment … “I absolutely love my Mark III !!! Its the best tent that I have ever owned and have done many hikes with it… One morning I woke up with like 6-7” of snow covering the sides of the tent. She held out great!!!”

Comment … If you want a testimonial:
“The five man tent performed great on a trip to the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Wind, light hail, rain and 11 year olds tested it. Performed as advertised and looked great in the process. I just hope to use it again before the snow flies!!!!
Alas….photos of the tent with the Circ of Towers in the background did not work out due to rain and low light.”

Comment … “The more I play with this thing, the more I am tickled with it. It is so great to pull this out and have it set up before the other guys can get theirs out of the straps holding theirs to the pack. I AM going to try it on a winter trip. I haven’t seen another tent that is lighter and does the same for less than three times the cost.”

Comment … “We just got to use the Mark III for the first time this past weekend.  It was phenomenal.  We were comfortable and dry.  It went down to 47 degrees that night.  It was superlight and very easy to set up.  We couldn’t be happier!  Kudos!”

Comment … “I LOVE the tent. You, sir, design tents the way I would design them. In fact, I have a sketch in my notebook from about 10 years ago with a very similar design. You have saved me the effort to actually build it!”

Comment… “I just finished up a few weeks of hunting in western Alaska, and used your Mark V tent the entire time. It’s a good design and held up well.  It rained the majority of every day and when it wasn’t raining it was misting or heavy fog. There was never a leak and we stayed dry the entire time we were in the tent. A couple of nights had some long bouts of real strong winds (30-40 mph??).”