Mark III

Mark III

1-3 person

"Stuffed" MARK III

Stuff Sack

Mark V

Mark II

3-5 person

Tarp Tent

ultra light backpacking tent

1 person



Questions and Answers – Here are some questions that have been asked and replied to, that may help with your understanding of these tents…

Groundcloths… for suggestions and drawings follow the tab under the “Questions and Answers” tab above.

– Does the Mark V have the pole in the rear that raises the fabric to give it more room in the back?   Yes, furnished and with the center pole furnished…  You can still use a trekking pole for the center pole, and just any stick for the pole in the rear.  The pole set you receive has four different hole sizes.  Pick the segment that fits your pole tip, disassemble the set, and carry the one joint as an extender.  Leave the rest at home. (Additional info… some trekking poles have no steel core in the rubber tip.  Those will not work, since the rubber will bend instead of supporting the extender).

– I saw your picture of your scout troop. It looks like you’ve weather tested it. How does the Mark V hold up in high winds, rain and snow, etc?  I’ve been in it for thunder storms and light (2″) snow.  Others have had a lot more snow than that. With snow, you have to do some maintaining.  From the inside you can knock off the snow every so often, especially in the lower section.  It’s low and flat, and snow can press it down, but you can also knock it off from the inside, by simply smacking the tent surface. That makes a pile of snow around the tent.  I’ve wondered if you did that enough in a heavy snow, could you end up with an igloo or snow hut?  With heavy rain, note that the tent will stretch slightly when wet, so after it has started raining you might need to move your stakes out an inch or so to keep it tight.

– How many days do you estimate I could get out of it on the trail?  Lord knows… how do I answer that?  It’s polyester, so it’s UV breakdown is a lot slower than nylon, but it will still happen.  Of course on the trail the tent rarely stays standing on a sunny day…   many months, with proper care?  I don’t see why not!  Hikers have thru-hiked the AT with these tents, which typically is 6 or 7 months.

– Even though the Mark V is larger than the Mark III, is it as stable?  Generally yes.  The Mark III design has one benefit.  It will still stand if any one stake is pulled out.  This isn’t true of the mark V if both doors are rolled back (open).  Just make sure your stakes are well set.

– I assume your answer to my question of applying a mesh (screen door) would be the same thing you told me about the Mark III?  Yes. Actually the doors on the Mark V have generic “velcro” patches, so if a door of netting were made inside the fabric door, it can hook to the “velcro” on the opposite door.  I would include a grommet for staking it down.  Just roll up the door and unroll the netting… oh, add ties for the netting.  On the Mark III the zipper cover has generic velcro tabs, too.

– Also, like the Mark III, I’m guessing the Mark V has a solid door as well?   The Mark V actually has two front doors.  You can roll them both up, sit inside, and watch it rain…

– Not just because of the weight, but the spacious design and size makes it so much better than a Tarp Tent, Shangrila, Black Diamond Beta Mid and others I’ve seen!!!! Ok, then, if I want to, how do I buy the Mark V? Oh, and if I get it I’ll be ordering it from you this Thursday. How long will it take to get it? And, how much is s & h?   I typically ship USPS Priority mail.  They get the tents almost anywhere in the country in three working days or less, and handle the packages more gently.  A Mark III ships for $6.80 (local) to $12.40 (West Coast).  A Mark V is $8.45 (local) to $16.65 (West Coast). (as of 1/17)

We can also quote shipping cost based on how big a hurry you are in. Faster is more, right up to “Next Day, AM”.  Pick one and I’ll get the quote.  We will work with you with the shipping being actual cost.

And, just say “Do it” and arrange the payment.  PayPal, check, money order, or credit card. If credit card, DON’T send the number.  Send the billing and shipping info, and we’ll get the rest by phone.  I do not have a secure ordering site at this time.  And if PayPal…  it works fine, and quick.   Just go to PayPal and “Send Money” to my email address (  That goes to my PayPal account. If you wish I can send you an invoice so that you can simply click “Pay”.

– I was looking at your tents, and they look great. I was wondering if you made a footprint groundcloth for the 3 man, and it not if you could make me one if I wanted it.  Yes we do now have them available. See the accessories section on this site.  However, you can also check out dimensions and instructions on groundcloths

– I love the look of your tent. I’m looking for a smaller, warmer tent, that two people could squeeze into. I backpack in to hunt in the winter, and a smaller tent is much warmer. I’m hoping that a smaller tent is in the works. Please let me know.  I appreciate the input, and am pleased that you like what you see in our line.

At this time I am concentrating on getting into the market with our four designs. All are made to give the maximum volume for the minimum of weight without becoming an expensive tent with special materials. I hope that we have succeeded at that.

While I am considering a one man model in the future and have the Tarp Tent for one now, I am still trying to keep as much room in the unit as I can, which is the opposite of what you are hoping for. Actually if I tried I couldn’t shrink a two man tent much more than the Mark III. It gives two campers some elbow and headroom, and enough area to put a couple of packs, but not too much more.  To drop internal volume you can add a front rope then stake the front in next to the pole.  This eliminates the storage area.

– Met you folks (briefly) at Trail Days in Damascus. Hope that you had a great time and were successful!  While I am a hammocker and have not slept on the ground in years, I was impressed with your tents. You may remember that I mentioned a shelter for my SkyDog. I was the good looking older gentleman…  Check out our new K-IX model (pronounced K 9, of course).  I think that you will like it!

You know, I see a much more legitimate case for the larger models than the smaller, because the weight of 4+ person tents is just ridiculous vs. your tarp-tents are still pretty lightweight.
Btw, Sierra Designs call their Origami tarp a…tarp, and it’s got a zippered door. Wait a minute here… is it your opinion that in order to be a tent you require a double wall construction?  Or is it necessary to have a “bathtub” floor, is that it?  Or those little pockets to put your wallet in?  What is a tent, anyway?  For thousands of years none of these have been required.  Now the tent manufacturers have “decided” for you that what used to be a tent must now be called a tarp or a tarp/tent? Nuts to that!

Go to any summer camp and see the wall tents… canvas, with single wall construction and no floors.  No one ever called them a “tarp”.  The tarp is the thing you hang over the picnic table.   Tents have walls all the way around, and doors.  Tarps do not.

I’m interested in putting a wood stove in a mark 5 with 2 people.  Do you have any advice on placement of stove/stove jack? The mark 5 was mentioned as a possibility… While I have never done this myself, others certainly have.  You can find some pictures under that section of this site.  The address below at 24hourcampfire has some pictures and comments.  Sign up with them (free) and then ask for advice on their Backpack Hunting forum.


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