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Top 4 Ultra Lightweight Backpacking Tents 2021

Choosing the perfect backpacking tent is very important for any camping trip. Packing a top-notch tent is one of the best ways to ensure comfort, safety and enjoyment in your trips. But, if you are looking to purchase a backpacking tent, you’ll find plenty of options.


A good backpacking tent should be lightweight and small enough when packed down in your backpack as you’ll carry it with you all day. If your trip is for a longer duration, then make sure to choose a comfortable tent, as a good night’s sleep is important for helping you to rest and recover. And depending on the weather, you need to buy a tent that can stand up to high winds, heavy rain or even snow.

In today’s market, you can various collections of tents with different fabrics and sizes and here some are listed that will surely match with your requirements.

1. Mark III (1 to 3 Person):
Mark III lightweight backpacking tent is the perfect one for the backpackers needs within the budget-friendly prices.

backpacking tent

• Sleeping capacity: 3 People
• Average minimum weight: 1 lbs. 3.5 oz.
• Weight with stuffsack: 1 lbs. 4 oz.
• Weight of stakes and stuffsack: 3.4 oz.
• Weight of pole set: 4.6 oz.
• Floor area: 52.9 square feet
• Floor dimensions: 91 by 120 inches
• Height: 3.5 feet
• Vestibule area: included
• Floor fabric: none; requires ground cloth
• Pole material: Aluminum
• Pole: Four section pole, plus folding rear tensioning rod. Packs to 12″ long
• Packed size: 4.75 x 6.5 inches
• Fire resistant to CAPI-84 standards

2. Mark V (3-5 Person):
These are single wall designed low weight backpacking tents but yet best for heavy wind management. The vestibule is also included, which make you feel a separate room

backpacking tent2

• Sleeping capacity: 5 (see chart) or 3 with comfort
• Average minimum weight: 1 lbs. 11.6 oz.
• Weight with stuffsack: 1 lbs. 12.3 oz.
• Weight of stakes (11) and stuffsack: 4.2 oz.
• Weight of poles: 8.9 oz.
• Floor dimensions: 137 x 112 inches
• Floor area: 69 + square feet
• Height: 6 feet
• Floor fabric: none; requires groundcloth
• Pole material: Aluminum
• Pole: Four section pole, plus two section rear tensioning rod.
• Packed size: 4.75 x 9 inches
• Fire resistant to CAPI-84 standards

3. Tarp Tents for Backpacking ( 1 person):
You can use this as both tarp and a tent and is comes with 4 stakes, stake bag, guy lines with slide adjusters, two rope hooks, stuff sack, instruction/care card/information sheet

backpacking tent3

• Sleeping capacity: one
• Average minimum weight: 10.4 oz.
• Weight with stuffsack: 10.7 oz.
• Weight of stakes (4) and stuffsack: 1.5 oz.
• Rope kit and hardware: 2.9 oz.
• Floor dimensions: As tent, 3 feet by 7 feet
• Floor area: 21 sq ft (height dependent, lower equals wider)
• Height: Can vary – about 5 feet
• Size: 9 feet 8 inches by 7 feet 2 inches
• Fabric is 185D polyester with 1000 pu coating
• Packed size: 3 x 11 inches
• Fire resistant to CAPI-84 standards

4. Mark K-IX Doggy Tent
These tents help you to make a space for your furry friend in your vacations. It allows your dog to enter and exit easily and also have a space to accommodate a large dog or a couple of medium dogs.

• Sleeping capacity: From one to a puppy pile
• Average minimum weight: 11.7 oz. for tent and floor.
• Weight with stuffsack: 12.1 oz.
• Weight of stakes (8) and stuffsack: 3 oz.
• Weight of poles: 5 oz.
• Floor dimensions: 80 cm by 100 cm
• Floor area: 8.6 sq ft
• Height: 3.3 feet
• Floor is 190D polyester with 4000 pu coating
• Pole material: Aluminum
• Pole: Three section poles fold to 10.5 inches
• Packed size: 2.75 x 10.5 inches with poles and floor
• Fire resistant to CAPI-84 standards

All these are highly durable and made with UV-resistant materials and high-quality poles & fabrics to protect from all weather conditions. Also lasts long for a while so you don’t need to buy a new tent every year.

The best advantage of these backpacking tents are, these are very easy carry and to set up but before choosing, consider the below-given conditions as a priority:

• Size when packed & when open
• Weight
• Season/ weather conditions
• Durability and strength
• Functionality
• Pitching time
• Price

Whether you’re planning a trip for a single night or weeks, having the right tent is crucial for comfort and safety. The backpacking tent you bring with you not only provides a place to rest each night but also serves as your shelter from wind, rain and cold temperatures.

Follow the given tent requirements before buying a tent:
1. Ultra Lightweight:

To keep your backpacking tent in lightweight is extremely important. This is the main item in your backpack and one of the biggest opportunities to save weight. These not only to provide shelter but also helps you to keep warm to rest.

2. Easy entry and exit:

Usually, side panel doors are easier to roll in and out of than front panel doors.

3. Sufficient Headspace:

You need to buy a tent which is large enough to comfortably lay down in with a few inches above your head and below your feet. You also need to check a ceiling height with at least a couple feet above your face to read or sit up inside.

Not only tents, but you can also consider tarps which cut downs on weight. Depending on the tarp material, thickness and size the weight could vary.

If this blog seems helpful to you, do follow the tips and conditions to choose the best suitable tent for your hiking trips that satisfy your needs.