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Ultimate Guide To Choose Best Backpacking Tents

Are you planning for an outdoor camping trip? Then, the most important gear that you should have is a quality backpacking tent, for a better camping experience. Whether you’re going on a family camping trip or a little getaway for two, having the right backpacking tent is extremely important. It provides a greater shelter for you & your family while spending nights under the serene sky with your dear ones. So, start your outdoor lifestyle with the best backpacking tents that keep you warm, dry and of course, protect you from a rainstorm or other poor weather conditions.


Check These Aspects Before Choosing A Backpack Tent:

1. Backpacking Tent Capacity:
Before buying a tent, the most essential thing to consider is the capacity of the tent. Most of the backpacking tents are categorized from 1 – 4-person models. If you’re solo camping or camping with your kids and dogs, then you need one-person tent. If you’re camping with your friends or family, then you can choose an appropriate tent that will cater to all of you.

2. Backpacking Tent Depends On The Season:
When you go for a camping to a place, sometimes the weather can change rapidly. So, it is necessary to have a right backpacking tent based on the season. Below, we’ve listed two season backpacking tents to pick your choice.

• 3-Season Backpacking Tents:

This 3-season tent is low-weight and is equipped to handle the wide range of climates & conditions i.e. spring, summer and fall. It’s specially designed to protect you from bugs, wind and rain.

Key features:
 Easy to set-up
 Having one or two more poles for additional strength
 Made of lighter fabrics to keep weight low
 It’s consists of ample mesh panels to boost airflow and keeps bugs out

•  4-Season Backpacking Tents:

The 4-season tent is specifically designed to keep the campers safe from extreme weather i.e. intense winds, frigid temps, and heavy snow. It is made of strong material and available in both single and double-wall construction. If you’re camping in cold or snowy places, this tent might be the best choice.

Key features:
 Easy to set-up
 Having more poles for additional strength
 Made of heavy duty fabrics
 Having zip fabric panels, so you can cover the mesh panels when needed

3. Backpacking Tent Weight:
If you’re planning on hiking a far distance, make sure to choose a lightweight backpacking tent so it is easy to carry with you. In lightweight, you may have to contend with less space, fewer features and also compromise on the durability of the tent. But if you can’t compromise on these features, then you should deal with the extra load that you will be all through your journey.

Know The Best Tents For Backpacking or Camping:

 Double-Wall Tents:
If you’re camping during a windy season, the double-wall tents are the best pick. These tents are comfortable and quite easy to pitch. It offers complete protection against elements and tends to be the heaviest type of shelter.

Freestanding Tents:
The freestanding tents stand up by themselves making it easy to achieve maximum volume. These tents are made of strong materials and can be used for harsh weather and winter camping as well.


Semi-Freestanding Tent:
Semi-freestanding tents are becoming increasingly popular due to their security, comfort and lightweight features. This tent is perfect for a few days at a campground.

Tunnel Tents:
Tunnel tents are almost similar to semi-freestanding tents. They have one or more hoop-shaped poles, which are used to pitch them so that they can stand upright. These tents are more comfortable and have more strength than other tent types.

This blog will definitely help campers to find out the perfect backpacking tents. Have a great adventure!